XinHao focus on the development of precision molds, and through the vertical integration of back end process and has rich accumulation. In smart device, we can rapid response to small batch orders and differentiated demand for customer.

Product Type

  • ● Enclosure components for Smart Wearable devise
  • ● Enclosure components for Smart Home devise
  • ● Enclosure components for Smart Networking for Automotive

Production Capability

  • ● Precision Plastics, Metal mold development and manufacturing
  • ● Plastic parts and surface treatment
  • ● Metal parts (Stamping, CNC, Aluminum Alloy Die-Casting) and Surface Treatment.
  • ● Double shot Injection / Vertical Injection Molding
  • ● Insert Molding, In-mold Decoration Molding (IML/IMF/IMD)
  • ● Liquid Injection Molding
  • ● Glass Cover, TP module manufacturing
  • ● Spare Parts Assembly
  • ● Non - Electrical Assembly

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