The rapid spread of the mobile Internet drove the rapid growth of mobile devise, also drive the continuous innovation of technology. XinHao fully integrated the advantages of resources, continuous to provide customer the components with different style with cost competitiveness.

XinHao has experienced project management team. Profoundly understand the quality standards for international customers, provide customers design and process planning recommendations, understanding the international customer's demand for speed and flexibility, and committed to providing customers high quality and fast response solutions.

Product Type:

  • ● Smart Phone, enclosure components
  • ● PAD enclosure components

Production Capability

  • ● Precision Plastics, Metal mold development and manufacturing
  • ● Plastic parts and surface treatment
  • ● Metal parts (Stamping, CNC, Aluminum Alloy Die-Casting) and Surface Treatment.
  • ● Double Shot Injection / Vertical Injection Molding
  • ● Insert Molding, In-mold Decoration Molding (IML/IMF/IMD))
  • ● Liquid Injection Molding
  • ● Glass Cover, TP module manufacturing
  • ● Spare Parts Assembly
  • ● Non - Electrical Assembly

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